Our philosophy is that if the animals eat it – it is not a weed. Additionally, we believe that certain plants exist in soils to serve a purpose, and animals select them based on their individual needs. Additionally, our pastures are from the natural seed bank exists in our soils and have grown in our climate for time eternal. We let our animals express their characteristics and do what comes naturally and do not force our animals into an environment that is unsuited for them.

With our meats being the basis for our Bacons, Hams and Sausages, we use the finest and cleanest spices and herbs available – Simple, True and Essential to delight the senses. Our products are Nitrite/Nitrate, MSG, Soy and Preservative Free and are created within our own facility and smokehouses for quality control! We also sell eggs!



We are a USDA, family owned and operated, certified organic processing plant. We process beef, pork and lamb. We also make our famous Michigan made Yale Bologna. We have been in business since 1924.



Nate and Lou Ann Robinson have been farming in Cass County Michigan for over 40 years. Nate is a sixth generation farmer on the same farm. He is part of a lineage of farmers dedicated to agriculture and preserving it for future generations. In order to remain a sustainable farm, the Robinson family created Jake's Country Meats to bring high quality and trustworthy food products straight to the consumer. Jake's believes in connecting people to their food.



Here at Gunthorp Farms, we specialize in quality meat.  All of our animals are raised on pasture without the use of antibiotics.  We have an on farm USDA inspected processing plant where we harvest, process, and package all of our animals before shipping them out to upscale restaurants and retail locations in Chicago, Indy, & Detroit.



We raise chickens and turkeys on our farm in Adrian, MI. All of our birds are fed daily with feed that we mix ourselves. A combination of whole grains, fresh and dried vegetables and greens, and herbal supplements. One such supplement they use is kelp, for the minerals and iodine it provides. The birds require a whole variety of foods, much like humans, to be healthy and nourishing.