Get Healthy

Pure Pastures offers heart-healthy meats with cuts that are high in Omega-3 and CLA. Our meats are also raised without antibiotics, so you can be sure that the only thing you're eating is delicious meat. Our meats are raised in an outdoor environment, so the animals eat food that's meant for them, giving you the best quality meat.

Go Local

Shopping at Pure Pastures supports the Michigan economy. Most of our meat is from Michigan, and anything that we can't get in our great state, we look to our neighbors. Buying local food eliminates the costs associated with transporting and cooling food over long distances. It also cuts down on emissions, because your food has a shorter distance to travel.

Be Happy

We source our meat from small family farms, not factory meatyards that breed disease and unhappy livestock. Our animals are happy and fed proper feed and remain free from antibiotics and hormones. Happy, healthy animals make for healthy, delicious meat, which makes you a very happy person.

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